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Marsha L. Shelov, Ph.D.


Marsha L. Shelov, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist, received her doctorate from New York University. Dr. Shelov specializes in the treatment of couples, families, and individuals. She has expertise in the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder, in the use of hypnosis and guided imagery in the treatment of anxiety disorders, sleep disturbance, stress, and pain control. Dr. Shelov, in collaboration with Dr. Alba-Fisch, offers short term psychotherapy for separated and divorced families with symptomatic children.

Dr. Shelov completed training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Long Island Consultation Center where she later served as director of family and child services. She has extensive postgraduate training at the Nathan W. Ackerman Family Institute in New York City. Dr. Shelov was on the faculty of the Long Island Institute for Mental Health where she taught and supervised mental health professionals in marital and family therapy. She has completed a training program in Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Dr. Shelov has recently received a certificate in Trauma Studies from New York University. From 1999-2004 she was a member of the core faculty of the International Trauma Studies Program at New York University. She is a member of the American Psychological Association, the New York State Psychological Association, and the Hudson Valley Psychological Association.

Dr. Shelov has her psychotherapy practice in Scarsdale, and continues to meet with people from Dutchess County and beyond, as well as via TeleHealth.

Current Interests

I have spent many years treating individuals coping with anxiety, depression and other psychologically painful feelings. In addition to my work with individuals, another significant area of my expertise and interest is in the treatment of couples and families. I have spent many years treating, training, and supervising other professionals working with couples in marriage counseling. I work with a range of couples from those who are having difficulty in communicating to those couples who are trying to decide wither to stay together or separate. An additional area of interest is in working with parents and their adult children to help resolve old and new areas of conflict..

In addition I have trained and taught in the area of trauma and worked extensively with individuals who have survived childhood trauma and neglect, and those who are in current or recently experienced traumatic situations. We are all living in a more volatile world. This current state of affairs causes increased stress on all of us. Children are witnessing and experiencing more violence, adults and children are being bombarded by the news, and there is an increase in the number of natural disasters and physical illnesses. This increase in the number of unpredictable and alarming events can produce painful emotional reactions, which increase our stress levels and result in strain on couples, families, and individuals.

Another area of interest is the mind body relationship. Often our bodies store painful emotional experiences. Treatment techniques which includes both verbal and non-verbal expression are increasingly helpful in alleviating these kinds of psychological distress.

It is my belief that In this more complex and complicated world, in which we are all bombarded with assaultive events while striving to keep ourselves and our families as safe as possible. We should band together as individuals and communities to best help each other navigate today’s world. There is a place for family, friendship, community and belonging as well as a need to take care of our emotional and physical well being.

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